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These sauerkraut are super easy to make and packed full of probiotics, which could potentially help improve your gut and overall health.

White Sauerkraut

What you need:

  • White cabbage

  • Sea salt

  • juniper berries

  • fennel seeds

  • flip-top jar

  • small freezer bag or ramekin bowl

What to do:

  • slice up your cabbage into small strips

  • sprinkle with 2 tablespoons sea salt

  • massage the salt into the cabbage, breaking the cell structure

  • leave for about an hour

  • mix in the juniper berries and fennel seeds or any other herbs

  • Put into a flip-top jar

  • press the cabbage down into the jar so that it releases its juices

  • keep pressing until the water covers the cabbage

  • place either a small freezer bag filled with water or a ramekin bowl on top. This is to keep the cabbage submerged under the water. Any bits that stick up above the water are prone to mould.

  • leave it to sit on the counter for at least 1 week but the longer the better. Taste it along the way and see how you like it. You should see small bubbles emerging as it starts to ferment.

  • once it’s to your taste put it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation process.


Use red cabbage instead. Follow the same process as above. After it has been salted and sat add in1grated apple, caraway and juniper berries.

If you are introducing fermented foods into your diet for the first time it can be beneficial to start gradually beginning with a teaspoon daily.

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