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Wise Herbal Ways

In the liminal area between the forest/garden and village/town/city the herbalist lives making kitchen remedies, gathering herbs, communicating with the trees and plants, journeying across the hedge.


Remembering the wisdom and power of the earth, connecting to the voices of the ancestors, the voices of the earth, to walk the ancients pathways of the heart and walk with reverence and respect with the land.  Breaking through the illusion of separation and connecting with nature once again.  Reconnecting with our innate magic and self.

We explore all of this in the:

Herb Circle

Weaving the Feminine

Green Witch

Join me to reconnect with the land around you as we practice animism, embodiment, sacred femininity, wise women ways, ancestral connection, sacred crafts, and spiritual herbalism deepening our own experiential embodied lived knowledge.

This is a monthly online programme which can be taken from anywhere.  It uses audio, video and written methods of delivery.  The subscription can be cancelled at any time.

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