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Mother Nature Circles

Drumming, sharing, crafting, chatting, herbs, being in the woods by the fire...


We will meet monthly in a covered but open sided cabin in the woods, surrounded by nature and around the sacred fire.  Month by month we will create bonds and friendship as we create a space to be heard without judgement, to recharge, to learn skills and to connect with our children and sisterhood in nature.  A space for mums-to-be to prepare for the journey as a mother.  A space for new mums to re-find themselves.  A space for all mothers to connect with each other and to receive the support of the nature around us on our unfolding journey.  We aim to create a safe container, a safe space, where everyone can be themselves and share into a place of unconditional listening.

This circle is for mums and mums-to-be but children are free to attend - they can play freely in the woodland or join with the activities part as they wish, ideally the sharing space will be child-free so mums can share openly.

We start with a short drum circle / drum journey (feel free to bring a drum or rattle with you, but don't worry if you don't have one), a sharing circle with the help of the Mother Nature cards, and an activity  such as: herbal crafting, making, sewing, weaving, plant dyeing, arts and crafts, journeying, meditating, and building community. giving us the chance to learn skills, chat and connect in nature.

Circles are held at:

Tirnanog Holistic Centre, Drymen.

2 hours with all crafting materials provided £15

*This circle is outside in the wooden woodland cabin, please bring appropriate warm clothing, please be aware that we will have a fire at this circle.*

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday 19th August 11am-1pm

Saturday 23rd September 11am-1pm

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