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Mother Nature Circles

A space for mothers to gather, and be heard, without judgement.  A space for mothers to be supported, where you can who you are, and let go of the guilt of how you think you should be.  A space to develop community, to laugh and create, to have some 'me' time without being lost under the piles of washing and attending to children's needs.  A space for mums-to-be to prepare for life as a mother.  A space for new mums to re-find themselves.  A space for all mothers to connect with each other and to receive the support of the nature around us.

Circles are held at:

Tirnanog Holistic Centre, Drymen.

Mothers and Mothers-to-be are welcome.

Mother Nature Circle

Studio Room:

Friday 24th March & 5th May 10:30-12 (babies welcome)

Connect with other mothers, sharing with the help of the Mother Nature cards, no-judgements, be heard and held, building community, reducing isolation, meditation, movement, singing, journaling, arts and craft, herbs, finding a tribe.

Mother Nature Circle - Mother's Fire*

Woodland Cabin:

Saturday 11th March & 20th May 10.30-12 (children welcome)

Connect with other mothers in nature, connect with the nature around us to bring a sense of calm and revitalisation. Sharing, supporting, using mother nature cards, meditating, journeying, arts and crafts, journaling, foraging, cooking, creating herbal concoctions....

The circle is aimed at mothers but children are free to attend and join in the activities.

*This circle is outside in the wooden woodland cabin, please bring appropriate warm clothing, please be aware that we will have a fire at this circle and children may want to play in the surrounding wood.*

These circles are being run in collaboration with Lauren @Mothers_wisdom (instagram)

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