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Weaving the Feminine

Ancestral and earth reconnection

- Earth Magic -

Connect with the earth - animism - ancestral wisdom - earth magic -

sacred crafting -  reconnection - earth mysteries - folk medicine - intuition - remembering - earth activism - 

Improve wellbeing, have a positive effect on your mental health

A combination of ceremony and ritual, exploring liminality and threshold states, and sacred crafting. Our aim will be to move out of our daily heady life and to step into the feminine ritual space.

The whole of the universe is created through sound, frequency and vibration.  

  • We will be working with the energies of the land and wheel of the year as a basis for our work

  • Embodiment practices

  • Ancestral and Plantcestral connection

  • Reaching into the ancestral knowledge in our bones

  • Finding the Old Ways

  • Sacred crafting - "making is a social necessity without which we can't thrive."

  • Sacred art - "provides a sense of release and positive feedback"

  • Plant medicine - The online journey will include the Wise Herbal Ways path.

  • Journeying and meditation

  • Divination and intuition

  • Journaling

  • Drumming

  • Working with voice and toning practices for each chakra: "When we reclaim the Feminine principal of the voice, we begin to remember our power.  We begin to remember who we truly are....wisdom is the spiritual and earthly knowledge combined.  Wisdom has been the domain of the feminine throughout human evolution.  When you develop your voice and express wisdom, you embody the divine feminine" Dominique Oyston


Please join me on this journey of discovery.


The Online Journey - is open to anyone who is interested.  It also includes access to the Wise Herbal Ways path.

Monthly payments of £10, cancel anytime.

Regular pre-recorded audio journey's and text to work with at your own pace.




In Person dates - Women Only

At Tirnanog Holistic Centre

£22.50 Please join me in this women's circle of ritual of magic, journeying and discovery.


Imbolc - Friday 7th February 

Working with the Root Chakra sounds to create stability and feelings of security, with Rosemary as a plant of remembrance, sacred crafting the pouch for our mending and tending magic and journeying to meet with our wise and well ancient grandmothers in the round houses of old.

Spring Equinox - Friday 22nd March 

Working with the sacral chakra sounds connected to the alchemy of creation, creating the sacred belly pot, sacred belly dance somatic movement, meditating with our wise and well ancestors, meeting Anahita, listening to the sounds of the drum and hearing our ancient proto-Celtic language chant to open our space and invite the ancestors to join us and working with pleasure herbs for creation and connectivity.

Beltane - Friday 3rd May 

Opening the space with our ancient proto-Celtic language chant to invite our ancestors into this space, meeting with them in meditation, working with the sounds of the solar plexus, discovering our inner fire and power, hearing the story of Airmed and the medicinal plants, scared crafting your very own clay Westray Wife - a neolithic house goddess found in Orkney said to protect your house and its inhabitants.

Samhain - 1st November

At this liminal time of the year we will be stepping across the hedge to meet with our ancient wise and well ancestors, working with the conscious-shifting herb Mugwort, sacred crafting a mask and painting our skins with Ochre designs as we step into this ritual space, hearing about the Cailleach, listening to the sounds of the drum and hearing our ancient proto-Celtic language chant to open our space and invite the ancestors to join us.

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