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Kitchen Medicine

Kitchen medicine is one of the oldest forms of medicine practiced throughout the world.  It is the use of food as medicine both in cooking and in preparations.  


Workshops in making and using food as medicine, examples of workshop I can and do run for various community groups:

  • Fermenting

  • Herbal Cooking

  • Kitchen Medicine - Making various remedies using popular kitchen herbs and spices

  • Persian cooking

  • Wild Food Foraging and cooking

  • Eating well in Postpartum

  • Nutritional Therapy - Eating for wellbeing

If you would like a workshop for your community group please get in contact: Email

Below you will find 2 online kitchen remedy workshops that I ran during lockdown.  

Kitchen Medicine.jpg

A recording of the live Kitchen Medicine workshop - Herbs.  Making cold prevention tea, sore throat gargle, cough syrup, winter honey.....

1hour 34 minutes



A recording of the live Kitchen Medicine workshop - Spice. Making Fire Cider, Hot Toddy, Decongestant honey.... 

1hour 20 minutes


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