Wellbeing Clinic

I have a 4-year diploma as professional Nutritional Therapist and am currently training as a herbalist.  I don't diagnose, won't change your medication and aim to work with your GP.  We will look at ways that we can tweek your diet and lifestyle through looking at food, herbs, movement, stress etc making small manageable changes.

Examples of areas we can work with: ​

  • menstruation

  • fertility/pregnancy/postnatal

  • menopause

  • energy

  • stress/anxiety/depression

  • skin

  • digestive issues

  • immune

  • sleep

Your initial consultation will last approximately 1 hour where I will take your case history; looking at your specific concern, diet, general and past health, emotional health, occupation and lifestyle.  All information is confidential.  The initial consultation is quite in-depth as we look for the root cause of your illness rather than focusing on your symptoms. ​

Your programme may include changes to your diet and eating habits, supplements, herbs, wild foods, fermented foods, lifestyle changes and movement suggestions.

Follow ups are usually between 2-4 weeks after your initial consultation.

Please note as with all holistic treatments it may take some time to see improvements depending upon your body and the changes made.  I will support you through the process but encourage you to take responsibility for your own health to ensure lasting change and all round better health.


  • Initial consultation (1 hour) £50*

  • Follow ups (around 30 mins) £30*

To book email with some details of the issue you would like to discuss.

Consultations can take place via zoom.

*Does not include the cost of supplements or herbs.