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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Workshops

Solidarity Herbal Remedy Making - Movement in Thyme

We will be learning to make a remedy for your home apothecary to take away with you, and we will be making extra to leave in the Stirling Community Fridge and also to send to Refugees in Calais.

Venue: Wellgreen at Transition Stirling, Stirling

Feb - Sunday 18th - Wound & Skin Spray

March - Sunday 17th - Infused Oils

April - Sunday 21st - allergy blend

May - Sunday 12th - indigestion lozenge

June - Sunday 16th - mouthwash

July - Sunday 21st - infused vinegars

Aug - Sunday 18th - infused glycerines

Sept - Sunday 22nd - immune tonic

Oct - Sunday 27th - adult & child chest rub

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