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Wise Herbal Ways

Herb Circle

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Sacred Plant Circles

Step into the green realm and be initiated into the plant spirit mysteries.  Join me to sit in circle to step across the hedge to meet with a plant, building our intuition, magic, herbal knowing, seasonal and nature connection.  There will be a mix of 'women-only' and 'open to all' circles.

Using ritual, journeying/ visualisation/ meditation, drum, blessing herbs, tuning into your body, and sensory plant techniques, we will meet a new plant.

Working with one plant at a time is an ancient way to learn directly from the plants themselves and embody your herbal learning and connect with the nature spirits.

Delve deep into getting to know the plant mysteries, and earth magic.  If you feel called to you can also sign up to the online Wise Herbal Ways Herb Circle which will provide support to your journey through recorded meditations, recipes and monographs to keep you going deeper in your connection with the plant each month. 

No prior experience needed.  


Sacred Plant Journey bags

Each month there will be a different Sacred Plant Journey Bag available, this corresponds to the Sacred Plant Journeys we are doing in the Wise Herbal Ways patreon and in the person circles:

The packs will include the things we will need for each months journey, for example anointing oil/salve, tincture, herb, infused candle, aroma-stick, hydrosol etc These will be different depending on the plant we are working with that month and the ways we are going to connect with the plant.  There will be 3/4 items in each journey bag to help with your plant spirit communication and getting to know the plants deeply.

You can find the online version of Wise Herbal Ways Herb Circle HERE

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