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Trossachs wild apothecary wild food, herbs and yoga

Rox Madeira

Community Herbalist

Mind-Body Therapist

Nutritional Therapist

rox madeira herbalist

I aim to foster and support a connection to nature, food, herbs and your body to develop resilience for yourself and your family, creating mental and physical wellbeing.



I offer classes and therapies in the beautiful Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Stirling and across Scotland, in person and also online. 

I specialise in


  • Women - Weaving the Feminine women's circles, Mother Nature circles, pregnancy and postnatal massage, Restore Your Core (ideal for any pelvic health issues eg incontinence or prolapse etc), Yoga and pelvic steam.

  • Families - Little Alchemists Club - making child-friendly herbal 'potions' and foraging.  Online and in-person.

  • Sacred Plant Medicine - animism and ancestral based Herb Circles and Wise Herbal Wisdom membership - making plant connections and allies, learning herbs, nature connection, kitchen medicine & food workshops.

  • Foraging Walks

  • 1:2:1 Clinics - Nutritional therapy and herbal clinic



I invite you to reclaim the medicine of our land, the embodied medicine and wisdom within, whilst developing relationships with the other than human world.



Create your own healing, and experience the magic of the wild.

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