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"After the 1:2:1 class I had to rush to collect my daughter and travel 7 hours to my mums.  this is a journey that normally causes a heap of back issues.  Amazingly, I think a combination of the class and reflective work, meant my visit home joined a few dots and I had 5 days of almost totally pain free days. Something I have not had in a few years." Kay

"Yoga on Thursdays: I loved that class! It was a fantastic class, the teacher gave individual attention and went the extra mile! I left feeling relaxed and revitalized. I recommend it without hesitation.. Thanx." Nikoletta

"I have been fortunate to attend not only Rox’s yoga classes but also some of the wonderful events she has organised. For me, Rox captures the essence of yoga. She has a natural, insightful style which invites and guides students to explore and notice the effects of yoga physically, emotionally and spiritually. She also offers opportunities to students to develop and deepen their yoga practice through events such as chanting, yoga nidra, meditation and dance."     Hilary

"Rox has got truly healing hands in her MFR technique and overall massage. For the last few months, I've seen Rox on a weekly basis and I reap the benefits each and every time.  I am a keen runner and Rox's massage gives me instant relief from the stresses and strains of life. And once I am in there, I don't want to leave!
I also pop into Rox's weekly yoga class. She is an amazing teacher and I truly believe this class helps prevent the build up of niggling aches and pains.  Every week there are new techniques to be learnt and Rox encourages you and talks you through every position through to perfection.  
Rox is no ordinary person though.  She uses her skills to reach out to those in the community who might not usually get the chance to benefit from her amazing inspirational woman."  Joti

"I have tried several yoga classes before and each time I gave up. I started to attend Rox’s yoga class in September 2011. This time it was different. I have been following her since. Her teaching style is natural and flexible. She keeps telling us to listen to our body and combine the physical exercise and relaxation practice together. After an hour’s yoga, I feel my energy has increased and all the stiffness and muscle tension I have noticed at the beginning of the class magically disappears. When I study psychology, I understand that Yoga has been widely accepted as an alternative stress management technique by the scientific world. I enjoy it now. All thanks to Rox!"  Weiqing   

Another fantastic yoga class last night with Rox,PHEW! there are a few critical points during the class when I pose to myself the question" why am I doing this?" but I always get my answer when I leave as I always feel brilliant. Rox is a brilliant teacher and the class is always very well planned and thought out, I'm loving the seasonal aspect-see you next week."  Sandra  

"Finding this class was a god-send...great teacher, patient and professional with an encouraging approach to a gently challenging hatha yoga practice - where the breath is central. The Sunday evening class time lets you unwind and prepare for the working week - it's the perfect tonic for the Monday morning blues..."  Dianne 

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