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Rose - a comforting hug

There is so much uncertainty at the moment, with bits of information and continuous news from this potentially deadly unknown and unseen enemy. Who would have imagined a few months ago that countries around the world would be on lockdown from a virus? I can’t help wondering if viruses are more alive than scientists think, maybe we just need to broaden our parameters of thinking. But that’s a whole other discussion.

Rose has been traditionally known as a remedy to ‘Raise the the spirits and cheer the heart’, which I think is the reason why I have been craving it recently and why you might like to give it a try.

It has also been suggested by some herbalists to have mild anti-viral properties and Nostradamus apparently prescribed rose petal pills to protect against the plague, I wonder if it had any effect? Roses have been thought of as symbols of protection, rebirth and resurrection, and of course love.

So I think roses are the perfect calming herbal tea to try just now to give yourself some love and remember that life will resume in some way after this pandemic is over, the lockdown won’t be forever.

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