Membership - 'The Apothecary's Apprentice'

Learning to develop your own herbal and kitchen medicines, wild foods, healing foods, connection to nature and a resilient body through core and pelvic floor movement classes.






Join me as we develop our home apothecary, making remedies, food, grow, harvest, store and use herbs and wild food.  

Your support will help with creating, recording, and editing the podcast interviews with experts, thank you!

Developing the kitchen hedgewitch.

  • Posts at least ONCE a month plus 1 podcast a month

  • Downloadable material eg recipes & herbal mongraphs

  • Videos of plant walks, foraging, meeting a plant, plant stories, their medicine, harvesting a plant or instructional video of making herbal medicines or food.

  • Videos/photos as we develop the medicinal garden - learning how to plant herbs, grow, harvest and store them

  • Podcasts with health experts