Conscious Postpartum

When we get pregnant it is often a time when we start to nurture our bodies more, we spend time focusing on and planning our births, but little time is spent planning for the nurture of our bodies and minds in the postpartum period.  It seems to be a time that is glossed over by the prenatal profession, the preparation, information and advice is pretty basic and then the baby is born, they hand them over and cheerio and good luck.  It can be a shock to a new mum, especially for a first time mum, how different their life suddenly is with a baby in it, with their emotions and hormones raging, anxiety flying and sometimes depression waiting on the wings, possibly a traumatic birth and a pelvic floor that is not functioning in the same way.  

With a little knowledge we can prepare a little better for our postnatal period.  Using ayuvedic and western approaches we can plan for nutritious easy to prepare meals with good fats which help our nervous system and hormones heal.  We can incorporate herbs into our daily rituals in foods, teas, baths or soaks.  Give ourselves and our babies warm herbal healing oil massages to calm and centre our bodies and connect with our new babies.  Do simple postpartum exercises to slowly get our core and pelvic floor back to optimal functioning.  

There are a number of services that I offer that can help


- Restore Your Core movements designed to get your body back into balance and giving you a functional core and pelvic floor.

- Postnatal Massage 

- Conscious Postpartum Workshops

Conscious Postpartum Workshops

These workshops are for pregnant people ready to prepare for a better postpartum.  In these hands-on workshops we will make:

* a personal herbal healing oil

* a personal postpartum herbal bath blend to soothe and help your perineum heal

* a herbal blend to help with digestion and lactation

* learn which foods to incorporate into your diet during the postpartum time and why.